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Is Child Support Taxable Income?

No, it is not income to the recipient and is not deductible by the person paying it.  On the other hand, spousal support is taxable income to the recipient and deductible by the person paying it.

My Spouse and/or I Own a Business or Other Significant Assets.  How Will That Be Divided?

Having a business, vacation home, retirement accounts, and other assets may require in-depth analysis in valuations and the equitable division of these assets. Call us today at (651) 438-8975 to arrange for a free and confidential consultation so that we at Gerlach Law Firm may help you determine the best course of action for your unique situation.

What If My Spouse or Co-Parent and I Can't Agree on Anything?

While it saves time and money to resolve issues without going to court, there are some situations that may delay a speedy and efficient resolution of a case, such as:

  • A parent with little interest in the children may suddenly want 50% custody because that will lower the child support obligation

  • A non-working spouse may feel that after the divorce the spouse who is working should continue to support them indefinitely

  • A party with mental health issues may feel that these issues do not impair his or her ability to be an effective parent

  • A party may have an unrealistic view of the value of a house,  business, stock options, and other property

  • One party may completely misrepresent the facts of a given situation

Factors such as these often require more extensive litigation and services, such as custody evaluations, guardians ad litem, psychologists, and/or financial experts.  Whether our clients require an advocate who "speaks softly," or "carries a big stick," the attorneys at Gerlach Law Firm protect, promote, and guide their clients through the legal process.

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How Much Will I/We Owe in Child Support?

The Minnesota Legislature has guideline percentages which apply to the parties based on the parties’ income and certain expenses.  If the child has proven special needs, then additional support may be warranted. Click here for a child support worksheet.

What Does "Income" for Calculating Child Support Include?


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